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Tom Dekker’s presentation at the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) conference, April 27, 2018

iPhone Proficiency for 21st Century Inclusion: Cultivating a “Mind’s-Eye View” of the Touch-Screen for Online Education, Employment and Entrepreneurialism

This video is 40 minutes in duration.

Presentation Summary:

Are you as proficient with your touch-screen as you would like to be? If not, what would help you to get better? Whether you’re a learner or a teacher, interacting from a “Mind’s-Eye View” (MEV), rather than with physical vision, enables higher proficiency to take advantage of new opportunities.

This workshop introduces the basic methodology and tools for orientation and navigation from a MEV perspective. As we go deeper, we use the context of leveraging apps that can aid in self-actualization and learn in ways that unlock personal potential by enabling:

  • idea capture and organization
  • task management
  • collaboration with others via the cloud, and
  • participation in webinars and online schools

All of these reveal an accessible road to 21stcentury social integration, education and entrepreneurship.

So many aspects of life are rapidly transforming to virtual environments – social interaction and support, education, employment, entrepreneurship and commerce. And it’s all happening on an increasingly level playing field as universal design becomes more widely perceived as good business sense.

As a student, family member, friend or professional exploring “Mind’s Eye View” learning, what existing examples of multi-media (audio/video) resources can you identify that actually demonstrate the key concepts in real time? For example, gesture navigation on one half of the screen and resulting screen-flow on the other, along with audio of both instructor and screen-reader?

Multi-media production software now makes it easy to create such effective content all in one recording. And then, by delivering such content via an inclusively designed Online Learning Management System and webinar platforms, the result is a kind of personalized learning and teaching not previously possible.


Check out this document, excerpted from Tom’s presentation, about leveraging specific apps to improve your personal productivity!

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