Celebration and Action

Greetings one and all! Today we are celebrating the official launch of our freshly recreated website, thanks to the great competence of our web support expert, Damashe Thomas. He has gotten us out of one heck of a mess created by our previous ISP. But now, it’s bye-bye, so long, onward and upward.

And now, here we are, all ready to head off to a couple of conferences, knowing that the link on our business cards will take people to a pleasant and informative experience.

This week, we’re off to Montreal for the Mirasee Lift Live event, where we’ll be rubbing shoulders with over 300 course-builders from around the world during three days jam-packed with instructional sessions and networking opportunities.

Next week, it’s off to Vancouver (and Burnaby) to spend half a day in sessions with various members of the Thinkific team, home of the learning management system where we are building our courses. We’re particularly excited that this includes a session with the development team with a view toward ensuring that Thinkific a fully accessible and inclusive invironment

The next day, Friday, April 29, we will be presenting a workshop at the AEBC AGM entitled “Cultivating a Mind’s-Eye View of the Touch-Screen for Online Education, Employment and Entrepreneurialism”. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to send along more info.

With all of this going on, we still won’t be missing any “iHabilitation Man” appearances on Kelly and Company because we’re all organized for the next couple of shows. And if you tune in, you can bet that you’ll be hearing about our adventures.

So, that’s it for now. As you can see, we’ve pretty much kept up our momentum since the beginning of the new year, even though a lot of it was happening behind the scenes. Next comes online coaching, along with developing course content, as we continue our market research. And of course, with the new website now in place, we’ll be able to set up an appointment booking system and all that good stuff.

So, away we go, back in the office full-time on Monday, April 30. Seeya then.