Coaching for Increased iPhone Proficiency

Do any of these situations describe you?

  • You just got an iPhone, but don’t know how to do anything with it.
  • You’re fairly proficient with your iPhone, but get frustrated because you know you could improve.
  • You have lots of apps, but not sure you’re making the best use of them.
  • You know there are apps out there that could increase your independence, but don’t know where to find the ones that will work best for you.
  • You provide support to vision-impaired learners, but you’d appreciate an opportunity to better understand where they’re coming from.

With the advent of fully accessible meeting and webinar platforms, iHabilitation is able to provide inclusive online multimedia instruction that levels the playing field for everyone.

Thanks to a new learning method that we call “structured touchscreen discovery”, we bring it all together in the “Mind’s-eye View” as experienced by the low or no-vision user. We offer one-on-one instruction based on individual need, and group coaching sessions for specific apps and tasks.

We’d love to demonstrate this new and innovative approach, so click here to book a complimentary coaching session! Your booking includes a short questionnaire to help us understand your current situation, skill level, and needs.

We use Zoom,an online video and audio meeting platform, for our coaching sessions. This popular mainstream platform is completely accessible. Click here to listen to a free “getting started” with Zoom chapter¬†from Jonathan Mosen’s excellent audio tutorial entitled “Meet Me In the Cloud”.

Don’t want or need the video component? Audio-only participation is as easy as dialing a phone.

We look forward to hearing from you!