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June 12, 2018

This week we feature two pieces of additional coverage of Apple’s 2018 World Wide Developers Conference, courtesy of Applevis Podcast 56 and Podcast 57.

A different slant on WWDC comes from Shelly Brisbin’s Parallel Podcast – a mainstream podcast with a sprinkling of accessibility. Shelly is the author of “iOS Access For All”, a book that is updated for each new iOS version.

And from Blind Abilities, yet more perspectives on WWDC in “That Blind Tech Show” Episode 17

From Applevis

  1. Check out the “Applevis Unleashed” podcast for May 2018.
  2. An Applevis podcast tells us how to download all of your iCloud music to your iDevice in a single procedure.
  3. How to delete old and inactive devices from “Find My iPhone”.
  4. How to tell if your iPhone was originally purchased new, refurbished, replacement or fancy/personalized.

From CoolBlindTech

  1. How to know which iPhone you have


Cool Apps this Week

Travel Ear: Listen to the sounds of the world in 3D stereo

Blindfold Video: Take a video by simply opening the app!


June 5, 2018

First, a Hands Off Our Harnesses update.

  1. Please visit to read the minutes from the May 10 “Moving Forward” meeting. There will be a Memorandum of Understanding between the coalition and the Canadian Centre for Disability Studies.
  2. We also posted the latest Air Passenger Protection Regulations consultation paper to do with the Transportation Modernization Act which just received royal assent.

What’s new in accessibility from Apple’s 2018 World Wide Developers Conference

Jonathan Mosen’s Top Ten Wishlist for iOS12


May 29, 2018

For Apple, this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day was all about education. (For more about GAAD: Global Accessibility Day events.)

Here are a few articles:

From 9 to 5 Mac

From Tech Crunch

From Mashable

From Apple Insider

Apple brings Everyone Can Code to schools serving blind and deaf students

Google and Alexa

Google Home will soon Let You Talk Through A Phone Menu system.

Amazon just added two features to Alexa’s calendar abilities 

Blind Abilities

Job Insights #4: Apps With Productivity in Mind for Education and in the Workplace

Blind Bargains

BBQast 145 for May 20

May 22, 2018:

For the best news browsing experience ever, on iPhone or iPad, try Google News.

Whether you have an Apple Watch or not, SleepWatch can help you monitor and improve your sleep habits.

Windows April 2018 Update and Freedom Scientific Products

Learn the official version of ‘What’s new in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update‘ from the Windows Experience Blog.

From the Freedom Scientific Blog comes “Freedom Scientific Software and the Microsoft Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. What You Need to Know“.

Upgrades for ZoomText and Fusion are available to make them compatible with the new version.