Moving Forward! Coaching, Course Content and Automation


Before we let you in on iHabilitation’s latest developments, we have to mention that things went very well at the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) AGM in late April.  If you missed it, you can  check out our presentation about personal productivity apps, accessible online collaboration and learning, etc. The session was well-attended and we were grateful for the opportunity to present.

There was also a surprise opportunity to be part of a panel to discuss the service dog regulation victory, particularly about how we should educating the public and engaging in political lobbying to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

During the afternoon before AEBC, we enjoyed a very productive visit with the design team at Thinkific, the Learning Management System platform that we will use to deliver our course content. Since our return home, there’s been some very productive information sharing that included the director of system design from Mirasee, our course development and marketing coaches. It’s very encouraging to see such enthusiastic dialogue around accessibility.

Coaching Service Testing

We are working with a number of applications that will work together to provide online coaching via the cloud meeting platform. And now you can visit our coaching page to find out more. If you haven’t used this platform before, here’s a link to Jonathan Mosen’s “Meet Me In The Cloud” tutorial, where he offers a free download that describes how to participate in a Zoom meeting for the first time.

Our new coaching page also provides a very accessible questionnaire form thanks to Google Forms. The answers you provide will help us to better customize your coaching experience. In addition, Google Forms automatically creates a database from the responses and more analytics than we could ever want, which will be of tremendous value when it comes to developing course content.

Once we receive your questionnaire, we’ll send you a link to our calendar of available times for quick and convenient scheduling of appointments. None of this “pick a few times and we’ll let you know” sort of stuff.

Preliminary Research Interviews

Much of what we’re learning in our Course Builders’ Laboratory has to do with conducting research to determine if what we envision is actually feasible. Now, with the automated calendar in place, we are working to frame questions that will make the most of a fifteen-minute interview. We need to understand your challenges related to iPhone proficiency and the kind of content to resolve them. If you wish to participate in such an interview, let us know through the contact link, and we’ll send you further information plus a link to the calendar so you can book your appointment.


Well, there’s the news for this edition. We feel great about the progress we’ve made in setting things up, and our interview questions should be ready within the next week or so. We’re also working on our interviewee mailing list. After all, we really want to design content that is sure to meet your needs. We hope you’ll stay tuned, and hey, why not try out a free coaching session? Thanks, and bye for now.