Raising Our Entrepreneurial Bar

Raising Our Entrepreneurial Bar

How would you feel if you were a barely budding entrepreneur who had just spent three days at a conference, simply called LIFT, with a couple of hundred amazing people, all successful and growing, all at various stages of development in their business? Then imagine that a good number of them came up to let you know that they think what you have in mind is really, really big and significant? It would definitely give you a glow, and that’s what we’re doing right now – glowing. The scale of it is still bouncing around in our heads.

And when we learned that membership in their business development support program came with free, unlimited access to a network of coaches and practically bottomless resources, well, that was it. Thank you to Danny Iny, founder of Mirasee for creating such a totally inclusive program and environment! And what’s more, it came with a thumb drive containing almost 1100 pages of “homework”, all in accessible format. It was unquestionably worth the trip to Montreal, especially since the entire three-day event was offered free of charge.

Website Fully Updated

Just in time for last week’s conference, we are oh-so-happy to announce that iHabilitation Canada’s new website is up and running. It’s been completely rebuilt, rescued along with all our email from the previous ISP, whose name will not be mentioned. Many thanks to Damashe Thomas for being so expert and supportive. We even have a multi-feed blog capability now. So there’ll be one that talks about courses, another for things discussed during KellyCo appearances and another for chronicling our entrepreneurial process – something for everyone! Yes, a  team is starting to form around iHabilitation, and you’ll be seeing Damashe’s name again, listed as co-creator of new course material to explore various apps that Ken and I have yet to understand.

Closer to Coachdom

One of the next things in development is the ability to schedule online coaching sessions for presentation by phone or computer. We will be using the Zoom platform because of its incredibly high level of accessibility. Now that our cyber-mechanism is all moved over to Google, addition of resources and features will be much easier.

The iHabilitation Man

Being busy traveling and with brains full of new information, the iHabilitation Man was still ready at the mike to do his weekly segment with Kelly and Company. Lots of the latest news from AppleVis and some cool stuff from, where else, Cool Blind Tech. Tune in next week to hear about Eye-D, a very cool mobility assistant that also includes text recognition and a surprisingly efficient object/scene description feature.

Back From The Dogs: Mission Accomplished

Abe the guide dog, aka The AbraHound, resting after a rousing game of Squeakball
Abe the guide dog, aka The AbraHound, resting after a rousing game of Squeakball

Back in August and again in January, we talked about having been diverted by a major political nightmare about to be perpetrated on service animals and their handlers by the Canadian General Standards Board. Well, yours truly decided that it couldn’t be allowed to happen. He asked for a teleconference and plastered the news all over social media. All kinds of people agreed, including blind organizations who don’t always get along. It was very gratifying that, in this little totally ad hoc coalition, absolutely every member was completely united in their decision that “This Must Not Be Allowed To Happen”.

And it wasn’t until last Tuesday, April 16th, that the CGSB announced that the Service Dog Standard was being withdrawn.

A Visit to Thinkific

Soon you’ll hear about our April 26th visit with the folks at Thinkific, the company that provides our learning management system/platform. They are extremely eager to finish ramping up their accessibility, and we’re very excited to be working with such a forward-thinking organization.

AEBC Workshop Presentation

Yes, we’ve been preparing, and it finally happens Friday, April 27th at 1:30. The title is, “Cultivating a Mind’s-Eye View of Your Touch-Screen for Online Education, Employment and Entrepreneurialism”. The much shorter subtitle is, “We are All iHeroes”, and you’ll hear more about the background on that idea next week, as we work through the processes initiated by the LIFT event, our visit with Thinkific, and the AEBC conference experience.

Meanwhile, enjoy life and do good.