The Eyes-Free Academy Comes To Life

Hello everyone!

Yes, Spring has definitely sprung! New blog, complete with RSS feed and everything! Progress on course and website development and participation in various webinars as we learn more about getting this show off the ground.

And since this is actually Tuesday, it’s time for another appearance by me, Tom Dekker, as “The iHabilitation Man” on Kelly and Company’s afternoon fun and entertainment show on the Accessible Media audio channel.

Meanwhile, we are hurrying to finish recording the first few lessons of our introductory “iPhone Eyes-Free” course. Those who sign up for the free course will also receive a booklet about the Eyes-Free Academy and the iHabilitation teaching/learning methodology.

We use ScreenFlow Recorder to capture the instructional steps: hands using the phone on one side of the screen, touch-screen on the other, while audio provides both the instructor and screen-reader voices. In this way, they are accessible to almost anyone and thus, can be used for learning, teaching or just general user support.

Fact is, anyone can go Eyes-Free if they want to. It’s a great skill set to learn, even just for fun. And there are definitely occasions when such a skill could prove very useful.

Finally, in this post, I would like to let you know that I will be visiting southern Ontario between April 25 and May 11. Going to London May 3-6; Brantford May 7-9; back to Toronto on the 9th, then home to nice, peaceful Vancouver Island on the 11th!

I will also be at the AEBC tech show on Friday, April 28th from noon until whenever. It’s all turning into a nice mix of business and pleasure for a “semi-retired old guy” like me.

Anyway, we (that’s partner Ken and me) are now really chompin’ at the bit to get our first course material out there so we can get your feedback. We even have a promo video for the new YouTube channel that we’re about to launch. But we have to wait and do it in the correct sequence as we’ve been learning in our webinars.

BTW, most of the webinars come from the folks who provide us with our online learning management system – Thinkific. We like these folks because they’re definitely on the same page when it comes to accessibility.

And now, off we go to get on with it, since Ken has just finished participating in another informative webinar! Stay tuned for more updates, now that we’ve actually managed to become “RSS-feed-equipped”! 🙂