Update – An Exciting Ontario Trip!

Well, here we are, back in beautiful Victoria (except for the unseasonably cool and rainy weather) after a most rewarding trip to Toronto and southern Ontario – London, Brantford, etc.

My May 1st iPhone workshop at BALANCE for Blind Adults was very well received, even though only 10 or so of the 25 expected participants could be there. Pouring rain was responsible for the lower attendance. Thanks to ED Deborah Gold and the BALANCE staff for organizing and promoting the event. It felt great to visit as a former employee.

As well, BALANCE now has a copy of our tactile and large print screenshot book, which I’m sure will be very helpful to iDevice students with low vision or an affinity for tactile graphics. You can find out more about this training resource at www.feelnsee.com.

On May 2nd, the fun and exposure continued with a live appearance of the “iHabilitation Man” on AMI.ca’s Kelly & Company with Sharon Caddy and Dave Brown. Among other things, we discussed my joy at being back in an environment with accessible transit and pedestrian signals, as opposed to the dreadful lack of accessibility that continues to exist in Victoria, BC.

We also had the chance to visit the Toronto and London Apple stores to let them have a look at the book and explain how “Eyes-Free Academy” courses are formatted. The concept was received with great enthusiasm, so now we are feeling particularly motivated to move forward.

We were hoping to have the free beta course online in conjunction with the Toronto visit, but a technical difficulty was only discovered after my departure for Toronto, so that a couple of lessons need to be re-recorded before we can launch. Though a bit disappointing, we’re comfortable knowing that things happen as they’re meant to happen, so we just keep moving forward, especially with all the encouragement we’ve received.

Definitely the most exciting experience of this trip came in the form of a visit to the W. Ross MacDonald School, where I was a student between 1958 and 1970. I had a totally positive meeting with the new superintendent, Dan Maggiacomo, who was not only enthusiastic about our proposed course format, but also suggested that I could well be part of iDevice short-term placement programs and that families and support staff could really benefit from a format that is visual as well as audio.

Finally, I want to mention what a thrill it was to be part of the AEBC national AGM and conference, where I reconnected with many old friends as well as many new ones who had only been cyberspace friends until now. Again, lots of encouragement regarding the book and the potential of the Eyes-Free Academy project.

So, that’s it for this time. Remember that you can keep up with the latest information by subscribing to the mailing list, which also provides the opportunity to obtain a pamphlet explaining the “Eyes-Free Academy” course format and philosophy. To do so, please visit http://www.ihabilitation.ca/eyesfree/

We really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks again to everyone for all the support and encouragement.