About iHabilitation

The Company

iHabilitation Canada was established in 2011 by partners Tom Dekker and Ken Sudhues. Their objective was to explore methods, techniques and technologies that would facilitate proficient access to the iOS touch-screen User Experience from a non-visual perspective, thus, iPhone Eyes-Free, Mind’s-Eye View, etc.

Their first project, that achieved this result to some extent, came in the form of tactile/large print screenshot diagram books. These proved to be quite popular as marketed through National Braille Press in the US, where over one thousand copies were sold. Unfortunately, the Canadian production company changed ownership and location, and continued collaboration was no longer feasible, so the project was temporarily suspended.

A future iHabilitation objective is to resume provision of this very useful visual/tactile resource, probably as 3D print files that would be downloadable with other course materials.

Meanwhile, iHabilitation Canada has continued to move forward with development of an all-new approach to course content provision. This is accomplished through an innovative combination of multi-media content with an online Learning Management System. The result is a structured and Universally Designed Learning environment to benefit both teachers and learners of iPhone Eyes-Free interaction.

Tom Dekker

Tom has worked as a musician, self-help and technology advocate, quality assurance and usability tester, assistive tech and Independent Living Skills instructor.

Before moving to Victoria, BC, in 2014, he worked in Toronto and Ottawa, plus seven years in the US, working under Federal Government contract in more than a dozen cities.

During his 8.5 years at BALANCE for Blind Adults in Toronto, the advent of the iPhone and subsequent huge demand for instruction in relation to Independent Living Skills , Tom found himself quickly transformed from traditional rehabilitation instruction to “iHabilitation” facilitator. Thus, the company name. Through this process he became acutely aware of how cultivating a “Mind’s-Eye View” of the touch-screen increases proficiency.

In “retirement”, Tom has turned his attention to creating online multi-media instructional resources that demonstrate and promote inclusive design. He sees the current explosion of online education and employment as a potentially huge alternative and powerful antidote to the marginalization still faced by people with special needs or challenges when attempting to access more traditional employment.

Ken Sudhues

Ken is an experienced videographer with a demonstrated history of public service and work in the e-learning industry. Throughout his working years, he has become skilled in training, editing, public speaking, and community outreach. Additionally, Ken possesses  a particular aptitude for learning and implementing new software applications as the need arises.

Over the past few years he has also become familiar with a number of assistive technologies. He is now completely conversant with the Voiceover screen-reader found on Apple products, and has become quite familiar with both the Duxbury Braille Translator and Tactile View software for tactile graphics production.

More recently, he has mastered a number of applications that are now integral components of our ongoing work, including WordPress, ScreenFlow Recorder, Thinkific’s Learning Management System, Zoom for online coaching and webinars, and ConvertKit for automated E-mail and customer relations management.